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April 2014

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Veggie Grinder

Let’s just say that I didn’t think a veggie grinder could be so filling! This veggie grinder was such a different and tasty dinner. We try to do meatless nights every couple days and tonight was one of those nights,…

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Dinner, Recipes

Honey Soy Ginger Chicken

This recipe comes from The Mom 100 Cookbook, although I tweaked it to make it my own! This honey soy ginger chicken is full of flavor! It is an easy meal to make ahead and then stick in the oven…

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Cooking With My Spouse

I have no food posts to publish today because we ate dinner at my parents house. I still wanted to be able to share with you something important, so it got me thinking… What do I love to do that…

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weekly meal schedule
Weekly Meal Schedules

Meals for the Week 4/7

Meals for the week! Here is our weekly meal schedule. If you follow my Facebook page,¬†you would have seen that I bought two new cookbooks at my schools book fair last week. I purchased The Mom 100 Cookbook and Six…

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Breakfast Burrito

Husband Guest Post! It’s a dilemma that we’ve all gone through… It’s no secret breakfast is the greatest meal of the day. The options are endless. In what other meal could you have steak, fruit, a donut, bacon, a slice…

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Pork Tenderloin

Yet again, this a meal with the meat we were given from PA. Tonight we made a rub for our pork tenderloin. I have never cooked with a pork tenderloin before, but thankfully Forrest has, so he was able to…

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